Questions & Answers

Question: If I complete your course will I become a certified baby & child reflexology practitioner (CBCRP) and a certified baby & child reflexology instructor (CBCRI)?

Answer: The answer is NO. Some courses advertise that on completion you will become certified and will be given the above initials. But these are not recognised within the industry and are effectively meaningless. CPD courses are designed to boost confidence and build on your already existing knowledge. By completing our course you will be qualified to deliver the techniques of Baby Reflex.

Question: Once I’ve completed my training will I be able to teach other health care professionals?

Answer: You will be qualified to teach parents and carry out 1-1 treatments. To deliver our courses to health care professionals you would need to be a Baby Reflex master trainer and hold an appropriate teaching qualification. To discuss becoming a Master Trainer please contact head office.

Question: Once I’ve completed the course can I design my own charts?

Answer: We have  range of specially designed charts to go with our course for you to purchase. They are protected by copyright along with our name and logo which is trademarked. Occasionally people in the past have adapted our charts and changed some of the wording, please be aware this is still very much a breach of copyright.

If you still would like to design your own charts please feel free to run it past head office, this way we can ensure no copyright breach has occurred. By using the charts we provide there is no risk of breaching copyright which may result in legal action on our behalf.

Question: Can I teach a legal guardian the techniques of Baby Reflex to use on the child in their care?

Answer: Absolutely! If the guardian has written authority stating that the child is in their care they can be taught the Baby Reflex techniques. Baby Reflex is especially good at helping to strengthen child/guardian bonding so would be a lovely thing to do.

Question: Can I teach nannies/ child minders the Baby Reflex techniques?

Answer: Ideally it would be better if both mum or dad and nanny can be taught the techniques, but if this is not feasible then as long as you gain written consent from the parents, which states that they are happy for their child to receive Baby Reflex from the person in question, then there is no reason why they can’t be taught.

Question: How old does my child need to be before I can attend a Baby Reflex class and give a him a treatment?

Answer: Once your baby is 4 weeks old you can attend a Baby Reflex class and carry out a treatment on your child.