Toddler Reflex Parent Training Course

Toddler Reflex Parent Training Course
Course Duration: 2-3 sessions
Locations: Worldwide
Price: Discuss pricing directly with your local practitioner

About the Course

Wonderful interactive classes for you and your toddler. Learn how to use hand reflexology, combined with nursery rhymes to ensure your little ones are engaged, soothed, calm, and connected. Find a practitioner local to you via our 'find a practitioner' page and learn a skill that will last a life time!

We teach simple hand reflexology techniques, that are easy to learn and remember. Our sessions are themed for ease of use for example, calming before bedtime, a god send for most parents!

What's Included

Not only will you and your toddler have fun at one of our toddler classes but you’ll also learn a skill that will last a life time. You will receive a  parent handbook and guide to all the techniques you’ll learn.


The sessions are run over 2-3 sessions (depending on your practitioner) and usually last between 60-90 minutes.