Baby Reflex Parent Training Course

Baby Reflex Parent Training Course
Course Duration: 3 Sessions
Locations: Worldwide
Price: Discuss directly with your local practitioner

About the Course

Our qualified practitioners can offer you 1-1 or group training to enable you to treat your own child using the Baby Reflex techniques. Our classes are fully interactive, so you can learn and bond with your baby at the same time.

Baby Reflex is a series of specially adapted reflexology techniques originally developed for increasing bonding between parents and babies. Further development of the techniques has enabled parents to also help ease and relieve many normal baby discomforts in their own child.

Baby Reflex is a safe, drug free and a non invasive natural therapy. It can be used from 4 weeks of age, some parents like to start after their child’s 6 week check, this is a personal choice.

Baby Reflex is run through a series of 3 weekly workshops, where your practitioner will teach you the Baby Reflex techniques for you to use on your own child.

Each week is themed and the techniques have been simplified, making it easier for you to learn, remember and use on your baby.

What's Included

Your Practitioner will provide you with a parent pack which details all the course information and written instructions for all the techniques.

Course Attendance

The course is covered in three weekly sessions lasting approximately 60-90 minutes depending on group size and practitioner. You will need to commit to attending all 3 sessions in order to complete the course.