Simi Kozelj

Town: Stratford
County: London
Post code: E15 1UH
Country: United Kingdom
Mobile: 07920013125
Region: London
Email Address:
Description: I have been a Baby Reflex practitioner since 2010 and I love the effect it has on babies and their parents. It truly empowers parents to calm and soothe their child with a touch of their fingertips. Baby Reflex can be helpful in tackling theĀ  feeling of isolation that many new mums feel after birth. I encourage mums and/or dads to invite a few other parents with their babies to learn Baby Reflex together at home. As a Reflexologist, I focus on sleep deprivation and helping my clients sleep more and better. As most parents know, babies and small children can unscrupulously disrupt their sleep. By practicing Baby Reflex the parents can support their child's development. As a life-long skill, the parents can use Baby Reflex on each other as well as on elderly members of the family, thus promoting the family bonding and love that the gentle, therapeutic touch can bring. My practice is mobile and I also work in the East London area.