Kozelj Simonida

Town: Stratford
County: London
Post code: E15 1UH
Country: United Kingdom
Phone: 0203 868 2858
Mobile: 07920013125
Region: London
Email Address: simi@anima-sana.com
Description: I have been a Baby Reflex practitioner since 2010 and I love the effect it has on babies and their parents. It truly empowers parents to calm and soothe their child with a touch of their fingertips. Baby Reflex is also something I like doing to help with the isolation that many new mums feel after the birth by encouraging mums to invite a few other mums to their home and learn Baby Reflex together. I am a qualified Reflexologist and have been practising since 2007. I find Reflexology works fantastically well with Aromatherapy and Reiki, which I am also qualified in. I may combine Baby Reflex with Maternity Reflexology and even Laughter Yoga, when suitable. I have learned many Reflexology techniques over the years with experienced and renown tutors and I continue to do so. I see Reflexology as an art with a palette of various Reflexology techniques and modalities which I can mix together into a perfect bespoke treatment for individual clients and their needs. My practice is mobile and I also work in the East London area.