Baby Reflexology

A gentle and effective natural therapy

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Association of reflexologists


baby reflex practitioners are qualified reflexologists who have attained qualification in the baby reflex course

baby reflex practitioners are baby reflex members who want to : -

  • Help mothers and fathers to tailor baby reflex treatment to suit their baby and toddler.
  • Help the family to understand the value that bonding has on the immediate development of their baby and toddler and also for the child's future physical and mental development.
  • Explore further the best practice of Reflexology for babies by exchanging news of the latest Reflexology treatments for babies and toddlers in UK and abroad. Corresponding with other baby reflex practitioners through the baby reflex newsletters sent to members in UK and other countries
  • Integrate baby reflex with medical treatments and other Complementary treatments available in their area.
  • Work with research projects that involve the treatment of Reflexology for babies/toddlers.
  • Write up the findings of any research project, how ever small, to help future Reflexologists give the most effective Reflexology treatment for babies and toddlers.

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