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What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a natural therapy using finger tip and thumb pressure on special points on the feet and hands, which correspond to all parts of the body.

First discovered by the Chinese and Egyptians three thousand years ago, Reflexology is now accepted world wide as an effective and complementary therapy treatment.

Baby reflex has created special techniques of Reflexology for Parents to give on the feet of their own babies and on the hands of the more mobile toddler, with the added special appeal of well known nursery rhymes and lullabies.

If you like using Natural therapies to care for yourself and for your family, baby reflex gives you the opportunity to carrying out a fuss free, five minute treatment, at any time or location: in a cafe, on a bus, or even in a supermarket queue!

Parent and child

Whilst baby reflex aims to comfort your baby and may help calm your fractious toddler, you and your infant can enjoy the natural bonding promoted by the gentle touch of baby reflex on a daily basis.

How do Parents learn baby reflex for Babies and Toddlers?

Parents are taught to give the special baby reflex techniques individually or in groups. This is done at the parents' homes or in suitable local clinics.

Parents will find that the soft practice dolly feet and the full-coloured foot and hand charts are very helpful and fun to use.

Who can attend the baby reflex workshops for Parents of Babies and Toddlers?

Mothers (especially first-time mothers) fathers, teenage parents and grandparents are all encouraged to attend. Expectant mothers are very much encouraged to come to one of the weekly parent sessions

How long is the duration for each baby reflex session?

Approximately one hour for each weekly session and there are at least 3 sessions in a baby reflex course

How much is the cost of a baby reflex course?

Prices will vary according to the size of the group, the venue and the number of sessions that the mother attends.

Please look on the Baby/Toddlers Page for more information and to read some parents' own comments.

All parents must learn baby reflex from a qualified Reflexologist. They can be individually taught or, better still, be part of a small group learning baby reflex together with their own babies.

Parents are taught by baby reflex practitioners to use specific finger and thumb pressure techniques on their baby’s feet and on their baby’s hands when the babies start becoming mobile.

Please click here to watch 3 month old twins having their first reflexology treatment from their mother.

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