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Only “A TOUCH AWAY"  -  As the clip (to the right) shows, A Touch Away is a very gentle and easily learned programme, designed by Baby Reflex.

Reflexology for Babies, given by Parents and Grandparents.

Baby Reflex - Key 4 Calming Baby

Improve sleep; relaxing; improve mood; helps relieve tension and improves a sense of well-being.

Based on 15 years research, Baby Reflex is a gentle form of reflexology created especially for babies, infants and toddlers from one month to three years (and on!).

Our fantastic DVD based, Home Learning programme, 'A Touch Away' demonstrates the simple techniques used in Baby Reflex, which aims to support both baby and parent in the baby's first year of life. A Touch Away aims to help parents and grandparents to treat their OWN babies by giving a fuss-free, five minute treatment of Baby Reflex.

Baby Reflex aims to help Parents and Grandparents to improve the wellbeing of their own babies, as well as enhancing the natural loving bond between parent and child.

Subjects covered include, sleeping and calming, immune boosters and digestion.

The programme shows special techniques to help Mothers, Fathers and Grandparents relax and bond with their baby using Baby Reflex techniques. 

Learning, and sharing, these special bonding, and relaxing moments with your baby, can be a wonderful experience. We quote, from a very happy father :

“Learning these Baby Reflex Techniques, with Relaxation, has bonded me with my baby, in a way in which I would not, before, have thought possible“

We encourage you to create, or maintain, your contact with your own Baby Reflex Practitioner, who will be able to tailor a treatment programme suited just for your baby. But 'A Touch Away' provides a wonderful starting place and also provides valuable reminders for those who have already taken a Baby Reflex workshop.

Not only has this programme been designed as an illustration for parents and grandparents, it will always be a very useful tool for Reflexologists helping families. It is an invaluable aid to encourage new clients and patients to your practise. It is a fantastic way for you to demonstrate Baby Reflex special Reflexology techniques to parents and grandparents alike. 

Please do watch a clip from "A Touch Away"

A Touch Away, just
£15.00 + free postage this price includes special easy to use Baby Reflex charts

Special Package - A Touch Away Home Learning Programme with helpful charts, plus soft dolly feet to practise the techniques on, all for just £17.50 plus free postage.

Dolly feet are available to purchase separately from our online shop for £9.00 per pair plus P&P.

Parents and Grandparents, and Baby Reflex